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DENTAL IMPLANTS, the most efficient solution

to replace a missing tooth?

Dental implants are by far the best method of replacing a missing tooth. This artificial root, composed of bio compatible materials (titanium), provides aesthetic results all the while eliminating the consequences associated with the loss of a tooth such as bone resorption, the migration of the surrounding teeth and much more.

Several missing teeth?

The best choice to replace several missing teeth is with dental implants. Both a permanent and comfortable solution and much like your natural teeth, a bridge supported by dental implants will also allow you to regain your masticatory strength and the pleasure of chewing the foods that you love!

Need a complete denture?

Complete dentures supported by dental implants are without contradiction the treatment that offers the most advantages and stability for those who are toothless. Depending on your expectations of stability and aesthetics, fixed or removable dentures are available. In both cases, the patient will be able to recover his/her masticatory strength, a functional smile and the ability to chew the foods they enjoy!

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At ExpertDent, our team of skilled dentists will offer you cutting edge expertise combined with personalized care.

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